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Animal & Pet Boarding

Traveling soon? At Family Pet Clinic, we are happy to provide a warm and inviting space for your pets while you are away! We offer a top-notch boarding facility for both cats and dogs, with ample space, comfort, and love from our caring staff.

Our Boarding Services

At Family Pet Clinic, we want your pets to enjoy staying with us! We offer an enriched and comfortable environment, with separate boarding areas for both cats and dogs (Family Pet Clinic patients only).

All our boarding facility guests will be exercised four times per day, and fed at 8AM and 4PM. We encourage pet parents to bring their pet’s regular food since switching diets can sometimes cause upset bellies. If your pet is on canned or home-cooked meals, we have a refrigerator for their food. If you’d like to use our in-house food, we provide a veterinarian approved diet for an extra $1.30 per day.

We provide litter pans, litter, blankets, bowls, and comforters during your pet’s stay.

To help your pet feel comfortable, bring and label familiar chew treats, toys, and food.

Prior to dropping off your pet for boarding, he or she must be updated on the following:

  • All dogs must be up to date on yearly exams; Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines; Heartworm tests; and fecal flotations.
  • All cats must be updated on yearly exams; Rabies and Distemper vaccines; and fecal flotations

After your pet's boarding stay, he or she will go home with a boarding report card letting you know how it went. The report card includes notes from both our kennel attendants and doctors (if you requested an exam).

If you’d like a tour of our boarding facility feel free to call us! We offer tours during normal business hours.

If you are interested in scheduling boarding, please do so as early as possible. We tend to fill up quickly, especially in the summer months and holidays.

For cancellations, please call us as early as possible, so we can admit a pet on our waiting list. If you do not cancel prior to 48 hours of drop-off, you will be charged a $28.50 cancellation fee.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, we’d love to talk with you. Our goal is to make your pet's stay here happy, comfortable, and fun! Thank you for considering Family Pet Clinic as your pets’ home away from home.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information

For weekend drop-offs and pick-ups, head to our back gate labeled “Weekend boarder pickup” and ring the doorbell, where one of our team members will assist you.

Boarding Rates

Rates are determined by the weight of your pet and length of stay. If you have multiple pets, you may choose to board them together or in separate areas.

Additional Charges:

  • If your pet is on two or more medications, it will be an extra $3.50 per day.
  • If your pet is diabetic and requires twice-daily insulin, it will be an extra $4.50 per day. Please remember to bring your own insulin and syringes.
  • If your puppy is under 6 months old, it will be an additional $3.50 per day for extra care.
  • If you request an exam by your veterinarian, we will charge accordingly.

Additional Services

At Family Pet Clinic, we offer additional services during your pet's stay. You may add on a bath, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and/or nail trim.

Note: Your pet will get a courtesy bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning with a 10-day stay or more.

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Located .4 miles off of Street Road, just steps from the 2nd Street Pike and Knowles Avenue intersection.

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We are only able to see appointments until 5:00pm on Fridays.