Ultrasound is another painless and non-invasive diagnostic tool that we use in our facilities. Ultrasound produces high-quality videos of internal organs in real-time and helps us assess the functionally of bodily systems. 

The medical team at Family Pet Clinic is highly trained to diagnose a variety of conditions using Ultrasound technology. Ultrasounds can help us identify heart and lung abnormalities, some forms of cancer, pregnancy, foreign body ingestion, and abdominal masses.  

To conduct an ultrasound, a pet is gently laid on its side and a cool gel is applied to the skin while a probe is rubbed against the skin. A small area of your pet’s abdominal region may have to be shaved for this procedure. Please do not feel alarmed by this, it is just part of the process to help us make an accurate reading. 

The process itself typically takes less than an hour and your pet will be able to go home the same day. In almost all procedures, sedation and anesthesia are not needed unless your pet becomes highly aggressive or anxious.

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