Fun Training

Train your dog while creating a great relationship. Have fun teaching them good behavior, tricks, and meeting new friends. Classes are offered as a Spring and Fall session. We offer a 6 week 1 hour once a week group session. Our training is reward based training with positive reinforcement as well as hand signals. Finish your training with a diploma and a picture with a cap and gown!

​​​The Training

Each class will start and end with a socialization session. This will teach your puppy the best way to play with other dogs. It will also help you learn the way your dog plays with others. You will learn the different signs and cues dogs show while playing the nice way as well as signs and cues they show when things are getting a little rough. This will also help get some of the energy out of your pup in a positive way.

Come and Train with our Dog Trainers Gabrielle & Heather

One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: 1-215-357-2885

Week One:

Go over some puppy problems such as potty training, chewing, jumping etc. Learn sit/stay leave it, look at me and more.

Week Two:

Review, learn down/stay.

Week Three:

Review, learn the come here command and work with distractions

Week Four:

Review, learn heel.

Week Five:

Review and getting ready for graduation

Week Six:

Graduation and taking pictures with cap and gown.

What You Need: 

A nice soft treat that will only be used for training. A regular leash (no retractable leashes) and harness (gentle leader) you can purchase at any pet store. Then you just bring your new puppy, and any questions or concerns you have.

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