Here at Family Pet Clinic, we know that accidents can happen. Every year, one out of every three pets goes missing, gets lost or stolen. That’s ten million pets a year! 

For this reason, we highly recommend that all pet owners be prepared with reliable pet identification. Microchipping provides a modern solution to identifying pets that have been lost or stolen and maximizes your chances of having a pet return home to your should such an incident occur. Microchips may be inserted at any age, but the sooner the better!

The insertion process itself is quick, easy and painless. This procedure may be performed at the same time as other services, such as a dental cleaning or even during a routine wellness visit. Once your pet’s microchip has been inserted, you may upload your current contact information to the national online database. Should you ever move or change phone numbers you can simply update your information.

The microchips all have a unique serial number. Typically, when any lost pet is taken to a shelter or clinic, a special scanner is used to retrieve the contact information from the microchip and contact the rightful owner.  

In addition to the use of microchips, our veterinary team recommends that all pet owners use collars and ID tags. These methods may not be the most foolproof, but are an added resource to help your pet should they ever be lost or stolen.

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