Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography, better known as an x-ray, is a diagnostic tool that our medical team utilizes to get a better understanding of your pet’s overall health condition. Digital radiography uses advanced medical technology to produce high-resolution images of inside the body. This allows our veterinarians to have a better understanding of any medical conditions your pet may have. 

The digital radiography process is completely painless, safe and non-invasive. A very low dose of radiation is omitted, which makes it safe for all pets. Also, the process does not take long and can be recommended and completed the same day. 

At Family Pet Clinic, we use digital radiography to assess the health of almost any organ in the body. This includes the heart, lungs, abdominal organs and even the bones. The images provide us with insight with the size, shape, and position of the organs and bones. From these images, we can determine if bodily systems are in good condition and if not, it allows us to prescribe more effective treatments. 

One of the first steps to asses the health of a pet via digital radiography is to look at the size of the organs. Oftentimes when a pet has a medical condition, it will alter the size of the organs. The size and shape of organs are very important and can reveal serious health concerns, such as tumors, cancer, and intestinal blockages. Digital Radiography is also useful in diagnosing a variety of other medical conditions such as bladder stones, chronic arthritis, broken bones, and spinal cord diseases.

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